Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

  • By - Adcanopus
  • 26-03-2021

We are heading towards a perpetual Digital Marathon!

Gone are those days of marketing through good old newspapers and texting through fax machines. With ever-growing population & the advent of new technologies, we are entwined digitally! Pragmatically, transitions are taking place in many facets of the digital world. From magazines to banking online and reading e-books, all and sundry it becomes more imperative to go digital! So, is traditional marketing withering out completely? How is digital marketing thriving ahead making lives lucidly simple?

Facets of Static Traditional Marketing:

Primarily, Traditional marketing is all about reaching out to a local audience even though it’s not limited to one. Like they say old habits die hard. People are so accustomed to traditional marketing because of its longevity. Reading billboards at long awaiting signals, skimming through newspaper ads to find a groom or bride of their match & picking up magazines at salons are few activities people invariably do all the time. Tangible things like business cards, print ads in newspapers and magazines, commercials on TV and Radio, billboards and brochures have become the facets of traditional marketing. This static technique cannot be easily measured and it’s plummeting down in recent times due to its exorbitant cost over varied fields. Henceforth, cost-effective digital marketing has paved its way to make life simpler and quicker like never before!

Dynamic Digital all the way! :

One of the major benefits or outcomes in digital marketing is that it’s measurable! As the internet world continues to evolve shoulder to shoulder with technological advances, it becomes easy to reach out to a whole slew of people through digital campaigns. You may consider it as a marketing coup, but its global reach through the web as significantly changed the lifestyle & moreover established an interactive approach with the audience through various social outlets.

Digital marketing in many ways is similar to traditional marketing, but it uses digital devices. YouTube videos, banner ads, websites, content-oriented blogs exemplify digital marketing. However, it’s a inbound marketing strategy & its primary goal is for people to find you. The best way to emphasize digital marketing is by quoting an example: Say you are running a business and you put contents or ads over the web for people to find. Using various social networks or by conducting organic or paid search people reach out to your business. The more the visitors, the more trust they start to build with your brand and eventually you start to build rapport through online.

Latest trends in Digital Marketing!

The enormity of reach digital medium provides in very less time has made everyone go digital. Targeting the required demographics and tracking them online & tweaking it accordingly whenever necessary has proved time and again that digital medium is the way ahead! As trends evolve each and every year, marketers have to keep track of the changes and emerging technologies to stay ahead in the Digital World.

To keep you more digitally inclined and help you gain a competitive edge over others, here is a glimpse of some of the latest trends that are buzzing in the market:

1 Voice Search: It comes in 2 variants. Those implemented on smart phones, & desktops such as Google Assistant and Siri which gives written search results and those implemented by smart speakers such as Google home, Amazon’s Alexa which gives searches immediate answers to their queries. According to an analysis done by ComScore by 2020 more than 50% results will be through voice search.

2 Live videos: It offers real time user engagement generating greater impressions than any posts published in the news feed. Live streaming is very effective thanks to Facebook, YouTube & Instagram. The live content allows marketers to engage directly with the customers by improving their relationship with followers, reach a wider audience & boost their traffic on the social medium significantly.

3 Engagement based Email Marketing: Emails are getting smarter day by day as marketers are juggling to identify the behavior of their leads. To make sure the right content reaches the right customer, certain tools and applications are used to track the customer’s behavior. Behavior-based Emails are sent to subscribers who are active on the list with respect to the segmentation of data. Quite lately, more personalized approach is considered in sending engagement based emails. To avoid spams, plain text emails are used which has improved the engagement rate.

As technology advances, still many trends are emerging such as Bulk SMS marketing, affiliate marketing, mobile advertising & social media marketing every year and marketers have to make intelligent decisions to keep track of their ongoing campaigns and inculcate the latest trends to practice to stay ahead in the vying Digital world.