Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads Unfolding The Dichotomy

  • By - admin
  • 3/14/2024

Ever since digital marketing has spread its tentacles globally, people have found various ways to do businesses online through Google & Facebook. It comes to solid understanding that both Google & facebook have been the thresholds for people looking for advertising, to achieve maximum visibility, to generate leads & new customers. Without further due let’s try to dissect the both with respect to marketing & selling.

Short Term Google Ads For Sales:

Google is a perfect fit for people who are looking for intent based marketing. It helps prospective buyers to find your business. It’s more like setting a trap for your customers by invariably generating leads. Moreover, it’s all about sales. Businesses sell their product & services through Google to people who are looking for specific items.

Primarily, Google search engine works on SEO. It’s all about the volume & range of the popular keyword listings. Ad sense is run on the websites if the intent of buying is huge for products and services. Before running Google Ads, certain sections have to be taken in to consideration- Keywords, demographics, location, negative keywords, device & language.

Say for example you are searching for “hotels near me” in Google. It will list all the hotels with respect to location. The search results will have “Ad”, “sponsored” listing & also the most relevant results based on my location.

It’s an expensive proposition none the less. An avg CPC for Google ads is somewhere between 40 cents- 5$.

Ideally Google is used for B2B prospects. It has a global market share of 80% & a whopping 2.4 million searches per minute.

One drawback is that by running Google ads you might come across unqualified leads.

Long term Facebook Ads for Marketing:

Facebook, on the other hand, is for targeting a broad audience. For example, you can target people who are interested in bikes, beauty or any other market out there. Facebook helps businesses find prospective customers. It’s more like you are going to hunt for customers. Never treat Face book like Google. Here you can just look for marketing your product or business page but can’t sell.

It’s more of broadcasting medium. Here you announce out loud and clear where people can get to know about you & your product. For example, if you are planning to sell a low-end product on Face book you can direct people to your product landing page but you can’t convert them to buy your product unless you educate them about your product first.

Unlike Google, Facebook has got the ability to target people. It has a huge collection of data. With 2 billion active users and 90% social network traffic, people can find a whole lot of information based on interest, location, behaviors, demographics, lookalikes, & website visitors.

As per stats & figures, it’s proficiently inexpensive compared to Google. The avg CPC is under a dollar. With mindboggling methodologies to target people at the granule level, you can market on Facebook without spending an enormous amount of money.

Ideally, Face book is for B2C prospects. It’s mainly for people who are looking for brand awareness.

Few drawbacks are there on Facebook too. As many people are busy chatting with their friends & family, it’s difficult to draw their attention towards your ads & it requires a lot of time & resources in order to get followers & likes.

To conclude I feel you got to use both Facebook & Google in order to carry out your business online. Without marketing, you can’t sell. Take your time & invest wisely!