Short Hand SMS Marketing Still Has Its Lead Over Large Margins Globally

  • By - admin
  • 3/14/2024

An era where a great deal of businesses by large is thriving ahead in the digital world through many social platforms like FaceBook, Instagram, & other websites- short message services(SMS) marketing still holds a cutting edge. With cut-throat competition in the vying digital world among several marketers, getting a message out via text messaging using a mobile phone garners more leads & is foreseen that by 2020 around 90-95% of people will have mobile phones. So, what’s the ingredient that is being lucidly placed by marketers through text messaging to garner more leads? How is SMS marketing giving impressive view ratios?

SMS marketing types & its all-time high view ratio!
1 Identify the best platforms & build a content library:

Ever since the usage of phones increased gradually, SMS marketing started plunging swathes of messages into all mobiles phones in order to gain more leads. From promotional events to booking hotels, restaurants & bank transactions, all one needed was a simple phone to make most of the offers.

Nowadays on average, we check our phones almost 90 times a day & first thing we do before we brush our teeth in the morning is to go through messages on the phone. The point is that people have become dependent on phones and they keep it handy so that it becomes easy to access information and track social media updates.

Irrespective of conversions, text messaging hit a staggering 85% view ratio due to its diligent immediate response. Over 80-90% accuracy is established due to its data segregation over demographics. Consider any marketing medium per se; text messaging has given the best engagement rate thus far!

Considering the big picture, SMS marketing comes in 2 types: Promotional & Transactional.SMS is the only way out for promotions & transactions!

Promotional SMS marketing has been there for a long time. It’s more of announcing yourself to others that you are there in the market. Be it your product, stores or win & earn websites promoting through text messaging costs less & by far reaches a large number of people. E

mails can be kept waiting for a long time without opening, Calls can be answered but text messages are always read immediately when it is sent. So, years before CPM (cost per message) came into the practice for promoting events and for campaigning. This low-cost facility spread widely & quite recently marketers started multiple calls to action for the same. Missed call (Give a missed call to 985****3 to know more about the offers), short code text (Text “BGT” to 578989 for getting on AIR), long code text, & smart links added all new dimensions to the SMS marketing world.

A time had come to generate more leads using these dimensions & the lead quality increased within no time. As per now, CPL (Cost per lead) is used extensively by marketers for numerous campaigns to generate more leads.

With promotional marketing through SMS promising more views and leads, transactional is never left behind. If you were to withdraw cash from ATM or use a credit card at the store…the information is sent to your mobile phone through an SMS panel about your recent transaction. To avoid misuse of your transaction, the SMS provides an OTP to confirm on your phone. So for any transactions, text messaging is the only way out there!

In our digital world, as most of our technology is going automatic, API integrations are done for both promotions and Transactions. This indeed helps to process requests and ensures seamless functioning of application device or system. A cab booking or auto booking through an App from your phone is API integrated. This automated service is fast and you don’t have to wait for longer durations.

Bottom Line: Generate new revenues through SMS marketing to reach globally at low cost!

To sum up as in short like the SMS, marketing through text messaging can easily be tracked & has by far the best engagement rate in the marketing world. Since it can be delivered immediately, mobile marketing has geared up to reach more people in a very small time & it has made possible to get feedback from the recipients through a tap on “reply” button Or a click on your link.