Grab these benefits today and make a mark in the advertising world with our latest technologies.


Businesses need to compete with each other on a daily basis. With margins outreaching personal or organizational grasps, Advertisers need room for more communication channels to be implemented. AdCanopus confirms this notion and provides to the fulfillment of brand communication optimization through its thorough, precise, scalable advertisingsolutions for Advertisers across the globe.

We help brands reach a profit margin that professionals here and otherwise acclaim to be “impressive.” Our multi-channel Ad delivery networks give your business uplift in terms of extended reach, optimized delivery routes, cross platform optimization and the best conversion ratio. Now be where your consumers are! Author content on the go; communicate to brand ideals to your followers and keep the interaction level forever high. All of this by using a highly innovative and technological approach, keeping human intervention minimal.

Choose us and reap the following benefits

Global Reach

Attract consumers on a global scale with our super fast multi channel Advertising channels working across several different business modules

Extensive Publishing Networks

AdCanopus brings out the best in terms of optimized advertising channels connected to thousands of publishers

Stringer Publisher Selection

We connect advertisers to a carefully selected set of publishers through our stringent selection process that ensures speedy connection with the target audiences.

Innovative & Technological Approach

We use the best in market technology to make all business propositions. With our potent Ad technology you can boost your website’s traffic plus turnover rate.

Concurrent Ad Optimization

We employ the best methods to optimize a client’s advertising efforts. With our innovative ad optimization strategies, you can get the most out of your advertizing endeavor.

Cross – Platform Presence

Where digital to human interactions go, we always follow. We ensure your advertising messages are present on all devices and platforms.

Performance based methods we operate under -


CPL is one of the most popular models for online advertising today and one of the campaign modules we Proud ourselves to be the number one in. The cost for advertising is calculated on the basis of revenue a publisher earns by generating a lead for the advertiser.


The CPS model for online advertising is also alternatively known as PPS or Pay Per Sale. It’s pricing is calculated on the basis of sales made upon each campaign release


This advertising model is designed in a way to drive maximum traffic to your website for which the Advertiser must pay for every click generated on their Ad’s, one of the most cost effective models present in the world to let audiences know about the products and service your brand offers.


The Cost Per Mile model depends on the net number of Ad impressions a single user contributes to a particular publisher’s website. The CPM model is a favorite of many Advertisers due to its relevancy to a user.


A pricing model based on how many users have opened a campaign e-mail. If they choose to do so, then a single open is registered by us.

CP Mailer

The CP Mailer is a new age, innovative tool to introduce your product / service to the market and The CP Mailer is an innovative, rather revolutionary tool to share, to introduce yourself to the world and make it a known, a more open place.